Hunting Safari Information

At Zingela Limpopo Safaris, we know what it takes to provide a quality bow hunt. Your trip will provide the ultimate South African Bow Hunting experience.

What to expect:

We offer a rare degree of exclusivity. Upon arrival you will be met at the airport and driven to the reserve by one of our skilled Professional Hunters. Hunting will commence the following day and continue until the final scheduled day in which you will return to the airport. It is in the evenings, while sitting around the fire that you will relive the day’s hunt and the true African experience will embrace you and give you a reminder to always treasure.

A day at Zingela Limpopo Safaris

A day at Zingela Limpopo Safaris starts with a warm and delicious breakfast at sunrise. As soon as everyone is done eating, the guides will drive the clients to one of our 21 Blinds. Before our clients go out, we always talk them through all our animals and the correct shot placements. Unlike the American animals, our animals’ vitals are more forward towards the chest area, therefore a shot placement booklet will be handed to every hunting client. Zingela Limpopo Safaris has a wide variety of game including Cape Buffalo, Sable, Nyala, Eland, Kudu, Roan, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Golden Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Zebra, Steenbok, Gemsbok, Giraffe, Warthog and Waterbuck. With the proper management and conservation, we are proud to say that Zingela Limpopo Safaris delivers exceptional quality in animals.

When being dropped off at a blind, the hunter is provided with a lunch pack and preferable drinks, comfy seating to make the hours and long wait worthwhile. Once a hunter has shot an animal, the retrieving crew will be radioed for the pickup of the animal that was shot. Zingela Limpopo Safari also have exceptional hunting dogs if an animal needs extra tracking.

Once the animal is found and collected, pictures are taken, and the animal gets tagged in the manner the client would like it to be skinned for mounting purposes.  At this point of the day the hunter returns to their blind or goes to a new blind to continue hunting.

Not sure about when to book your archery trip – HERE ARE SOME IDEAS OF THE TEMPRETARUES?

MARCH THROUGH MAY – The land is green and refreshing. Temperature is Still hot, rarely exceeding 90 degrees F. Humidity is low and mornings and evenings are cool, even though it is hot, this time of year is the best to walk and stalk.

JUNE THROUGH AUGUST – Dry winter season when the grasses are low, and animals can be seen clearly. Average daytime temperatures are 64 – 77 degrees F, and nights and mornings can be quite cool. Best hunting times of the year from the blinds.

SEPTEMBER THROUGH OCTOBER – A delightful time of the year – it is springtime, temperatures begin to warm in September.  Days are warmer with lows of 80 degrees F and highs in the 90s. Best hunting times of the year from the blinds.