Zingela Bow Hunting

The thrill of the hunt is only emphasised when your weapon of choice is a bow.  Zingela Limpopo Safaris is the ideal hunting destination when you are using your bow to take down some of Africa’s toughest game.  Bow hunting in South Africa is one of the most challenging and rewarding styles of hunting but is one worth satisfying if you have a passion for the sport. 

Zingela Limpopo Safaris offers the bow hunter the best bow hunting experience Southern Africa has to offer, specifically for buffalo hunting. Our exclusive 70 000 acre bow hunting area has a wide variety of species which offer the opportunity for quality trophies.

Bow Hunting can either be done in one of our blinds, tree stands or for the hard-core hunter, walk and stalk.  Nothing empathises your African experience more than a walk and stalk early in the morning on the track of a buffalo. Clients are accompanied by professional hunters, exceptional trackers and can be assured of a successful and memorable hunt.

Zingela Bow Hunting Gallery