Community Upliftment

Zingela Limpopo Safaris Community Upliftment

At Zingela Limpopo Safaris it is of utmost importance that we have a positive influence and builds long-standing relationships within the local communities. Over the years, we have funded and donated towards numerous local community upliftment programs. Zingela Limpopo Safaris has made, employing people from the local communities, a priority in order to aid in the eradication of poverty.

Gideon Pre-School Construction Project: During 2012, Zingela Limpopo Safaris built a preschool for the local, rural community, Gideon. Prior to the construction of the pre-school, the learners did not have access to schooling; we wanted to ensure that the youth, of Gideon, were able to fulfill their right to basic education.

Water-system in Gideon Community: During 2017, we came to the realization that the local community in Gideon had no access to fresh, running water in their homes. A family member from each household needed to walk many kilometers, each day, to fetch water for household use.

Schools in Local Surrounding Rural Communities: Being part of the hunting industry has allowed us the opportunity of donating meat and other donations, to the schools in the local community on a monthly basis.

Zingela Staff:  We supplied each of our workers with a bicycle, to enable them to travel to and from work.  We also provide fresh meat from our in-house butchery as well as fruit and vegetables from our fruit and vegetable garden every day.