Zingela Conservation

In order to conserve natural resources for future generations, sustainable management of the natural environment is essential. Sustainable use of Natural Resources are the backbone of conservation.

We believe that ethical and sensible hunting walk hand-in-hand with conservation! Therefore, our trophy hunting supports these conservation projects which, indirectly link and involve each client with true conservation.

In 1997 the decision was made to reintroduce Buffalo, Sable and Roan antelope to roam freely on the reserve. We also have a yearly leopard monitoring project, where we place over 40 cameras around the reserve at specific locations, monitor all photos taken by these cameras and identify individual leopards on the 60 000 acres.

This entitles us to monitor the number of leopards and their population growth and it assists to obtain a clear view of other animals such as caracal, brown hyena, spotted hyena, cheetahs and occasionally Lion and wild dogs roaming Zingela.

Due to poaching being a high risk on Zingela, we have transferred our Rhinos to one of our sister reserves and neighboring countries for better protection.

Our goal, in the future, with our Rhino projects, is to supply reserves across Africa; where Rhino have been extinct for many years, with Rhino.

Book your hunt with Zingela Limpopo Safaris and become directly involved with our extraordinary conservation projects that will ensure future generations have the opportunity to enjoy and respect God’s creations.